Associate Professor Rio Yokota


Tokyo Institute of Technology, Global Scientific Information and Computing Center, Advanced Computing Research Division, Advanced Applications of High-Performance Computing Group

2-12-1 i7-2 O-okayama Meguro-ku, 152-8550, Tokyo, Japan
Phone +81-3-5734-212


Rio Yokota is an Associate Professor at GSIC, Tokyo Institute of Technology. He was a Research Scientist at ECRC, KAUST from September 2011 to March 2015, where he worked on fast multipole methods (FMM) and their application to sparse matrix preconditioners, and also their implementation on large-scale heterogeneous architectures. During his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Keio University, he worked on the implementation of fast multipole methods on special purpose machines such as MDGRAPE-3, and then on GPUs after CUDA was released. During a post-doc at the University of Bristol, he continued to work on FMM, and was part of the team that won the Gordon Bell prize for price/performance in 2009 using 760 GPUs. During a postdoc with Lorena Barba at Boston University he developed an open source parallel FMM code -- ExaFMM. He is now running this code on full nodes of the TSUBAME 2.5 and K computer in Japan, and also on large Blue Gene and Cray machines, for applications in molecular dynamics and sparse preconditioners.  Rio is a member of ACM and SIAM.